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Since 1986,
we are an Accounting Authority for vessel registered in Honduras.
Worldwide recognition with AAIC-Ho01.
Also, we do Inmarsat Activation and LRIT.
We support you for Registration of Ship under Honduras flag and IMO & National/International Inspection Services.

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Honduras is the Heart of Central America and the Caribbean

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An ancient civilization
"The Maya Town".

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Discover Tegucigalpa
The Capital.

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Full of Places for visiting
and exploring.

 A littel history of Honduras flag as Open Registry.

Honduras since 1888 with the Ports Law that allowed the registration of ships and officially since 1943 is open to the world, so, citizens from all over the world can register their vessels in Honduras. The Honduran Ship Registry has no limitations or restrictions regarding the country of origin of the ownership of the ship, nor does it have restrictions regarding the nationality of the crew. Initially it requires 3 documents for a provisional patent (1. The tonnage, 2. Bill of Sale and Power of Atorney, 3. Application plus the payments of taxes.). More information on the subject of ship registration can be found at  I want to sail with the Honduran flag.

In 1935, Honduras had the great White Fleet, they were large ships of the United Fruit Company that sailed throughout the Caribbean with a monopoly trade and later added transantlics transporting passengers and a lot of Honduran crew labor on the boats. In the 1960s and 1970s, two large Greek shipowners Niarchos and Onasis were originally the ones who brought Open Registry and world trade to life, they saw the economics of keeping their fleets on the basis of convenience that put them at an advantage over the costs of Logistics with the competition, being favored the Honduran flag, and already in the 80s and 90s it was very popular in Asia especially in Sigapore and China and Hong Kong and all over the world.


"S/S Ulua Honduras flag in September 1935, leaving the islands for North America"
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"M/V Contessa with Honduras Flag in December 1941, in World War II, together with the allies, it managed to deliver supplies, fuel and food on the North African coast."
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"M/P Exodus with Honduras Flag in 1947 Leading 5,415 Jewish refugees to the promised land. Marked the beginning of the State of Israel."
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What services do we offer?

per vessel

We investigate Inmarsat terminals of ships registered in other flags that are going to sail with Honduras ones, to verify if they have pending accounts at coast stations.

We make arrangements for payment in case you remain active in another registry and discharge them without arrears.

With our Accounting Authority code you will have worldwide access to all Inamarsat stations such as Singapore Telecom, KDDI Japan, OTESAT Greece, Stratos UK, CONSAT USA and many more earth stations throughout the world.

We assist lawyers with the necessary documentation to obtain the provisional navigation patent and later the Radio License.

We activate Inmarsat terminals PSA # 3174.

Once the accounts have been clarified, we begin the process of deregistering the Honduran flag

Other services

Inmarsat terminal C email configuration.

Account statements generated monthly by call traffic and subscriptions.

LRIT Conformity Tests and Certificate.

Activation of LRIT terminals Iridium and Inmarsat.

Sale, installation and programing iFleetOne for calls, messaging, internet and tracking, highly recommended for vessels under 300.

iFleetOne postpaid and prepaid service.

Wi-fi configuration of the terminal to only allow access to allowed cell phones.

Put a barrier to the terminal at the request of the owner or for lack of payment.

Remove barriers.

Update of the information due to change of owner, change of name and other characteristics of the information of the ship that affect the Inmarsat Directory and the CTR/LRIT Certificate.

SIM activation for iFleetOne.

Registration of allowed emails to avoid spam in the terminals and updates of those emails.

Connect to email accounts.
(for tests & small sends)


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