Maritime Mobile Radio License

Honduras is a signatory of IMO Conventions and ITU regulations. CONATEL, the state entity responsible for issuing the Marine Radio License and for enforcing the laws, is therefore required to have an Accounting Authority when activating an Inmarsat C maritime satellite terminal for vessel from 300 GRT. To be part of a global monitoring such as LRIT of SOLAS administered by the DGMM.

The LRIT system generates international expenses and commitments. HRASSA has more than 40 years of experience as a company legally recognized nationally and internationally by CONATEL
as an Accounting Authority.

Here below you will find the forms and information relating for obtainig the Radio License


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Vessels that are required to use LRIT must report new or renewed LRIT certificates to the DGMM of Honduras

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has decided that the LRIT system is only mandatory for the following ships in international waters:

Passenger ships, including high-speed passenger crafts
Cargo ships, including high-speed crafts, of 300 gross tonnage and upwards
Mobile offshore drilling units

The following are exempt from using LRIT:

Military vessels
Fishing vessels
Vessels operated exclusively within the Sea Area A1 (small volume of coastal shipping)

  Important information for existing radio licence  

For changes in the Radio License data, consult your lawyer. But if it is an Accounting Authority take note